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Movies and music feel the heat
BBC News 12.8.2003
Box office business at the weekend was down 13% on the previous week, while many films suffered a drop in earnings, website Screen Daily reported.
Album sales were down about 15% as shops reported slow business, according to industry magazine Music Week.


Iraqi treasures to tour US
BBCNews 4.8.2003
The Baghdad museum is lending some of its greatest treasures to the US, just months after fearing much of it had been looted.
After recovering much of what was initially thought to have been stolen, the museum is eager to show off its items of cultural importance.

La CGT garde la main sur des secteurs clés de la culture
Le Monde 4.8.2003
La CGT a conservé une place considérable dans le secteur culturel, où elle cogère nombre d'organismes et d'associations paragouvernementales. Mais aujourd'hui les adhérents sont peu nombreux, et des mouvements comme celui des intermittents préfèrent souvent des coordinations aux syndicats.


Berlusconi's "Cultural Purge"
ArtForum 28.7.2003
Ugo Perone, the director of Berlin's Italian Cultural Institute, is packing his bags for Italy. Shortly after the institute moved into its new quarters in the refurbished Italian Embassy in Berlin's Tiergarten, Perone was informed that his two-year contract will not be renewed. No official reasons were given for the dismissal.
The Tagesspiegel's Jens Mühling writes that Perone is the latest victim of an international cultural purge by the Berlusconi regime, which in recent months has removed the directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes in New York, Brussels, Stockholm, and Madrid. The Paris and Moscow directors both quit abruptly in protest over the current Italian government's "left phobia."
Whereas Perone was a cultural administrator in Turin for eight years before coming to Berlin, his successor, Renato Cristin, has little experience in organizing cultural events at home or abroad; his only qualification appears to the be the fact that he writes regularly for the Berlusconi-owned magazine Giornale.